• We highly recommend pre-season checks for your machines air conditioning, especially those working in waste, recycling & demolition industries. Not only do pre-season checks minimise vehicle down time but they can also prevent major component failure before they occur.

    The tougher the conditions are, that the machines works in, the more chance there is of air conditioning failure. Leaks often occur from the vibrations of the machines and O-rings and hoses perish from the day to day running of the machines.

    We recommend this servicing is carried out before the weather changes in March/April time. This ensures we can get round to all our customers before the faults occur.

  • MultiDocker 4

Servicing Includes:

    1. Full system assessment
    2. Assessing temperature and air flow in cab
    3. Pressure testing and adding correct working charge of Refrigerant
    4. Leak detection
    5. Adding gas, oil and dye for future leak detection
    1. System clean
    2. Replacement of filters
    3. Checking all working components
    4. Quoting for any additional repairs that may be required